We can elect a climate-friendly government!

Climate change is the most important issue in this election. Without a healthy, stable climate, all the things we hold dear -- our families, our environment, our economy -- are threatened. If we are to ensure a positive, safe and secure future for Canadians, we need a government that is prepared to take action on climate change. A government ready to play a leadership role in making the world a better place. We have the power to create this government -- if we work together during this election. Change for the better

Strategic voting in Canada's federal election helps fight climate change! Quick Links:us

Sharing Ideas and Inspiration

What campaign strategies are working for you? How did your community come to agree on a climate-friendly candidate? Let us know, and we'll share your insights with others on this blog.
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Tools for Change

Coming soon: postcards and other tools to help elect a climate-friendly government. In the meantime, a Sunday comic to go with the election call.
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How we build a climate-friendly government

Shifting the vote in 34 close Conservative seats can create a government ready for action on climate change. Read more “If the Liberals and the Bloc and the NDP and the Greens all fight for the same chunk of the political spectrum, you’re probably ensuring the re-election of Conservative governments. At some point, possibly when they are faced with a Harper majority, those Canadians who define themselves as left of centre or progressive may have to think about the wisdom of squandering their votes and making it easier for the Conservatives to actually form government.” Chantal Hébert, Toronto Star political columnist


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